Cake Donuts

Description: Your classic small, round donut. It is a fried sweet dough that is dense like cake, moist and delicious. They are great for dunking in your coffee!

Types: plain, cinnamon sugar, glazed, chocolate dipped, chocolate dipped with sprinkles, chocolate dipped with nuts, peanut covered, chocolate glazed, chocolate dipped in chocolate and sour cream. (Seasonal flavors include: blueberry, cherry, pumpkin, apple cider, and red velvet)


Yeast Donuts

Description: These look similar to cake donuts but they are twice the size. These donuts are fluffier and amazing warmed up! Our glazed yeast donut is one of our best sellers.

Types: Round- glazed, sugar, chocolate dipped, maple dipped (with toppings like nuts, sprinkles, coconut, chocolate chips and lucky charms marshmallow) Twist- glazed, cinnamon sugar and peanut covered.


Long Johns

Description: Made from the same dough as our yeast donuts but are fried in a long, narrow shape. They fit perfectly in your hand and are great to grab and go!

Types: Custard with chocolate or white icing, cream with chocolate or white icing, peanut butter cream with chocolate icing and peanut butter cream dollops and lemon with yellow icing.


Jelly Filled Bismarks

Description: Made with our soft yeast dough they are fluffy and delicious. Their round shape makes them perfect vessels for our different flavors of jelly.

Types: Raspberry with white icing, blueberry with powdered sugar, apple with cinnamon powdered sugar, and lemon with yellow icing.



Description: Made with our yeast dough with different kinds of fruits cooked inside. Our apple fritters are a crowd favorite!

Types: apple, cherry and cinnamon date


Cinnamon Rolls

Description: Fried yeast dough with a delicious cinnamon swirl in the middle. The perfect size for breakfast!

Types: Glazed and white, chocolate or maple frosting (with or without nuts)



Cinnamon Raisin Roll

Description: Delicious and soft, these pastries are baked and have cinnamon and raisins twisting around the roll. It comes frosted in our butter frosting and is our most popular pastry!

Types: cinnamon raisin roll


Description: These are baked as well with just a touch of a cinnamon swirl. Topped with cream cheese, fruit and butter frosting they are absolutely mouthwatering!

Types: Raspberry, blueberry, apple and plain cream cheese


Description: Very soft and moist, with many different flavors. Perfect with a cup of coffee!

Types: blueberry, carrot with raisins and walnuts, cranberry walnut and banana nut

Pecan Roll (sticky bun)

Description: Another popular choice, the base is a cinnamon bun with caramel and pecans on top. Warm it up to make the caramel soft and delicious!

Types: Pecan roll

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