Our Origin Story

     Robaire's Bakery was started by our amazing founders, Robaire and Dina Desormes. The couple are originally from a small town in France and made the long journey to America in 1961. When Dina was a child, her parents made the brave decision to shelter two american pilots that were downed during World War 2. In thanks for their courageous actions, the pilots then sponsored the family's journey to America. Since Robaire was fighting in the Algerian war at the time, the couple and their young son Gerard moved to America a couple years after Dina's parents.

          It was not the couples plan to start a bakery when they first moved here. Since Robaire had experience in baking, he took up a job in the kitchen at Central Michigan University. Then, when the local convenience store Giant Way was looking for a bakery to be a part of their business, the couple jumped at the opportunity. This was when Robaire's bakery was born. 

      Thirty years and a couple locations later, Robaire was diagnosed with lung cancer. But, he insisted he died an American citizen. This was not as simple as it may seem. The immigration office was all the way in Detroit, and Robaire was bed ridden. This meant that a man from the immigration office had to come from Detroit to give him the test, and an administrative judge came from Bay City to make it official. So with him laying in bed surrounded by officials, his family, and the American flag, Robaire Desormes became an official citizen of the United States of America. 

        Not long after Robaire passed away, Dina and Gerard took the test to be citizens as well. Dina recalls being the only person in the room not jumping up and down with excitement. It was not that she was not happy to be an American citizen, but it was renouncing herself as French that brought tears to her eyes. There was one thing that Gerard could not wait to do now that they were citizens. That very day they both drove over the bridge to Canada. Upon their return, the border security asked them to announce their nationality. They both began to laugh as they announced they were American. 

             Today, Robaire's Bakery is one of the top bakeries in Mount Pleasant. If you were to come in you may even see Dina running around making sure the bakery runs in top shape. If you try any of our delicious treats you will be able to taste the love that goes into every bite. If you have never been, we hope to see you soon!


Robaire's Bakery Founded in 1961